Review: Liria Organics

“Keep Calm and Buy Organic Products” 🍃

Hey guys? How are you today? The BER-Months is starting, Anyone who’s excited for december? Because why? Hello ninang and ninong again hihi lol. 2017 is so quick, but full of excitement like a bomb. So, yes!

This post is about a Review for LIRIAORGANICS🍃 is a young and fresh brand that offers organic. Btw, I would like to thanks to Ms. Lira (the owner) for sending these lovely goodies, and for trusting me to try these and to share with you guys that what i loved of this products. (Scroll down, to see all the products. Enjoy!)

To be honest, I was so shock since the products arrived in our house because i taught is it one item only, but since I’ve checked it, it has a ton of products. The two lovely lipstick, one lip and cheek blush and also the pressed powder. All of it is good to apply and Affordable.


Price: Pixie Dust (Php 550.00)

Verdict: The packaging is just like a typically a local pressed powder, it comes with a mirror and a foam applicator. What I loved this product is suit on my kikay kit, and also in my pocket as well. And goods for the daily Essentials once i need to retouched! Yas, need to retouch.

To be honest, No doubt once to apply because is it organic so, basically there’s no harmful ingredients at all. But, provably I hope they can have a ton of shade, tone of this pressed powder. because we’re all not the same skin tone. Just to have a lot of choices to pick.


Price: Drama Free (Php 380.00)

Verdict: To be honest, so much loved this lip and cheek blush because the scent is so literally amazing, How do you do that? And it’s so stay longer in my lips. But, I was so confused because the first attempt that i try in my lips it has a cold feeling since i spread it all but once is it stay for a minutes the cold feels was faded. But, over-all is “😻” Superb!!

Btw, guys i just want to share with you on how i put it in my cheeks. First, is i create a 3-4 dots on my checks and i get anything brush that i have and what i did is i blend it quickly as much as possible.

Because the famous known “Gandang Pulbos at Liptint” you might achieve this look by the use of @LiriaOrganicMakeup. So comfy, to apply, no hesitation, good for everyday/simply look. Indeed!

What I have about this products is also the bottle itself, because it easy to break. These past few days, I’ve been using this and suddenly it was broken. And yes, i hope it will come with a good bottle soon. But overall the performance is lit good.


Price: BV Be Gone (Php 420.00)

Verdict: I have already posted this stuff in my Instagram account (@milaaaaande) And some of the comments tells that it was the same of the packaging of MAC. A little bit I think just the size but it is a pink, so girly and sweet, and perfect for those netizens who loved pink or pinkaholic.

What I loved of these is the scent as well, so good to be honest i really wanted to bite it hahaha lol. because so much-loved, solid what you’ve paid!

And it’s organic, wasn’t scary fells once you’ll swatch it in your lips. And is it best for dating, fierce, daily as well. You might slay your lips in the whole universe. And it will stay longer, than your relationship. LOL!


Price: Choosy Lipstick (Php 420.00)

Verdict: This shades is I really loved, because i love brown, nudes shades of lipstick. Especially when it comes your look is so dramatic it can add your look with simple but yet hottie alert. The scent is lit as well!

And i love, this because fits in my pocket, my kikay kit, easy to use. Very friendly!

I highly recommend to try this products, especially for the Morena. It’s suit on you girl. Get yours now!

Don’t forget to check them in their Instargam Account (

Follow them! And be Updated for their next Organic Stuffs 🍃


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