How: I edit my Instagram Post

Yes, It’s Officially a Ber-Months!! And i hear the famous Christmas songs nowadays in the streets, radio and also in television. Everyone’s are so excited!! We can now start counting dears. More christmas discounts, christmas bonus, more gift, and also the most awaited part is the 13th month pay! Yay!! Reputed! Do you guys also did a “Caroling in different houses”? Me, wayback in my childhood days we did it with my sister and my cousins as well. And it’s so FUN doing it. Hope i can do it again. Lol

But, before that i have a gift for you guys. And it’s just a simple but it came from the bottom of my heart (hihi) I just want to share with you guys my secret on How: I Edit my Instagram Post ✨ And i hope it can help to you guys to achieve a little bit of your “#Feedgoals”.

But, to be honest while i’m scribble for this post I was thinking if what i could name of this feeds or themed. The first thing captures in my mind was “Play with Orange” sounds weird, Right? But because i loved colours, specially green, and orange nowadays. And also i saw my feeds, it’s kindda lowking orangeyy. That’s why i called it “Play with Orange”. -sharekolangerp 🙂

So Let’s Proceed!! 🍂🍃

First thing, is you must have to do is to DL or Download the “VSCO” App, from your Playstore or Appstore.

Then, once you’ve already install the vsco app in your phone. Import photos you want to edit.

Just simple follow the steps :

C7 is my current preset/feeds.

Tips to match your photos with an easy steps.

  • Click the “three dots”
  • Click the “copy edits
  • Then, click the picture/s “paste edits”

And lasty, Save to Gallery. Then post in your social media accounts 🌹

Here are my sample post in my Instagram, using this themed. If you have’nt seen my intagram, Check it out. (@milaaaaande)

Just play with the exposure, saturation, contrast, etc.

Use the “#milandersfeed” so i can easily check and send some a love.

Thanks guys for browsing, Hope it will help to you to achive a little bit feedgoals hihi.


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