Choose to be YOU, Choose to be HAPPY.

Be who you want to be, not what other people want to see, This is your life after all.

Choose to be you, Choose to be who you are, Fight for what you want, And Always captures in our mind that WE MUST CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY, Always Positive vibes, Always Smile, because it can heal our mind, soul, and forget all the problems in our lifes.

In reality some people can tell to us that, “Hanggang dyan ka lang”, “Ayan ka lang”, “Mahina ka”, But deep inside it’s truly hurts in our entire persona, yung feeling na para kang kinakain ng lupa. pero alam mo ba ang mabuting gawin ay prove them that they’re wrong. Bagkus gawin mo yung alam mong tama, alam mong ikasasaya mo, and the good thing is you can’t hurt peoples life. RULE#1– Regardless of what people may think, just stay true to yourself, Indeed! provably, you can listen to their rants, thoughts but at the end of the story, This is your own life, your own body, you have your own mind, and you the only one who can choose for your own happiness, your own wants. Don’t you ever reconnect yourself to the TOXIC PEOPLE, and to the people who doesn’t believe in your ability. Why? Because they can bring you down, and also they’re the person who didn’t trust their self.

We’re all has a Dream, just always believe in ourself, because once we can’t believe theirs no blessings will come. Sige, tatamarin si lord mag abot ng mga biyaya sa iyo. Maniwala ka sa sarili mo, at maniwala ka sa panginoon. Everythings is for a reason, Don’t make it rush. Enjoy your life, enjoy being millenials, Pag hindi mo ieenjoy baka sa huli mapag sisisihan mong hindi mo nagawa ang mga bagay na kaya mo pala.

How to be happy? Attach with the positivity, attach with your friends, be fun, there’s a ton of things that can makes you feel happy, Indeed!

Maaring marami tayong pinag-dadaanan sa buhay, halimbawa problema sa pera, problema sa boyfriend/girlfriend, kaibigan, mga tsismosang kapitbahay, society, trapiko, sa trabaho, pero hindi na ito bago para sa ating mga pinoy. Sa lahat ng problema may solusyon, Sabi nga nila “Kapag may gusto may paraan, Kapag ayaw may dahilan”. Totoo naman, kapag gusto mo talaga ang isang bagay may problema ka man may paraan upang masulusyonan. Problema lang yan, Problema lang yan. WE SHOULD ALWAYS BE HAPPY, Sabi, nga ni Raiza mae Dizon “Bawal and sad” At dapat lang naman nating tatandaan “Problema lang yan, hindi dapat ito tinatambayan”. Diba?

Just be yourself, enjoy, be kind, love the country and help other people ~

Love, Milaaaaaaande 💕


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