ten facts — about milande

Hello people, So. I’m back! (Yeyyyyy) Today’s post is about milande (10 FACTS ABOUT ME 🐶) Provably, some of you didn’t know me yet or curious about myself or my life. I’m here to share, chi-chat, or reveal something (like omg darla)

To be honest, i don’t have any idea what’s next to post, or topic. I’m so doubt to post anything nowadays. But, one day i wake up and wanted to share this post with you guys, and also just to know milande better hihi :))

Btw, I’m also input the link below the vlog post about on this, If y’all interested to watch it’s okay! (And also, please do subscribe to my channel. So you can hear me saying Hi, people hahaha) (My youtube channel)

Let’s begin! 💃

1. My full name is Jonathan Milan Rivara

2. I’m tween-TEEN (20) years old, My zodiac sign is Aquarius, And I’m a february babies! (that’s why im sweet lol)

3. I’m a BSTravel/Tourism Management in Our Lady of Fatima University(Main), Currently waiting for my graduation this end of the month of october.

4. I loved thrift shops or also known as Ukay-Ukay.

5. I really want to become a model someday, fashion designer and a Cabin Crew.

6. My forever crush is Justin Bieber (do you like jb also? Just comment down)

7. Fave actress, Lovi Poe. To be honest, I really love her voice + her Morena skin tone, Purely pinay beauty.

8. I’m also a former officer and member of FatimaDanceTroupe(FDT), Only legit dance troupe in our campus.

10. Where milande came from? Tbh, milan is my middle name, and I added “de”. I start using this it since I’m in third year highschool because it so catchy, unique and easy to remember, Right?

Thanks loves, for viewing my blog! ❤

Wanna know me better? See you on my next blog post! AJAAA! 🐶


3 thoughts on “ten facts — about milande

  1. Aww. I want to be a Cabin Crew & Fashion Designer, too 🙂 And super nakakatuwa vids. Haha. Nanood ako sa channel mo. You can check mine rin – amielledt – if you want! 🙂


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