Review: SeaFaceMist

Skincare is a must, Before Make up!! Indeed. We should have our best skincare in our make up kit. If you’re seeking for a friendly budget skincare @sireneessentialsph will give you a nice products that suit in your budget. 👌

The @sireneessentialsph is a Local brand Sirene Essentials offers an all-around skincare and beauty line to bring out your everyday natural glow. Carefully formulated with precious oils and potent minerals, each products comes in travel sizes to bring you the skin-healing benefits of the sea, no matter where you are. With Sirene Essentials, you can #SeasTheGlow wherever you go. ✨

The Sea Face Mist is infused with natural pepermint essential oil and rose water; gentle solution provides effective balancing and toning properties; boost circulation to bring out a healty glow; preps skin for smoother make up application; helps set your beauty look in place.

Sirene literally means beautiful, charming woman/a sea nymph. They intended to make the products for every person out there who wants to feel glowing and beautiful in their most natural state, reminiscent to how you feel when the ocean breeze hits your face or saltwater hits your body.

And also they’re started to build their product line since July of this year but officialy launched October 2017.


Spray onto face as a mid-day refresher; apply before moisturizer to keep skin soft; use as a natural makeup setter.

Their not only focus on the Sea Face Mist, In fact they have a products that can give your skin glow and fresh looking.

  • They have a Sea Luxe Body Scrub (Php 320.00)
  • Sea Breeze Balm (Php 180.00)
  • Sea Glow Dry Oil (Php 480.00)
  • Sea Face Mist (Php 230.00)

Milan’s Verdict:

First time that i tried using this product i was so amazed in the scent of this, It’s so refreshing though once you spray it all over into your face there’s no strong scent you’ll smell.

And it gives my face refreshes feeling because of the cooling face mist that soothes and hydrates. The good thing about this is so comfy and easy to use and bring. Suit to my pocket, that i actually love about it. Because, when and where i can travel i’ll can bring it wherever i go and spray it when i want too. And the price is not too much expensive though. To be honest, i always use it once I’m done to put my skincare and also i use this as my setting pray and also i spray it once i felt haggard/stress looking it keeps me hydrated. Indeed!! Keeps staying fresh and glowing all-day. 💕

For more information, Feel free to check their account Sirene Essentials Ph / Beauty MNL


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