THANK YOU, 2017!

Before 2017 ends, I just want to share the story of all the good memories that I’ve been experience with this year. Even though theirs a bad experiences, tears moment, etc. But I just to share to y’all to my readers (if i have lol) my life with this year is full of surprises.

The first three months of this year is my last academic subjects, because after that I’m going to have my last Internship and last term as being a officer in our organization. Apparently, I was so lonely that time because I’m gonna miss them all, missed being a student, being a dancer and an officer as well in our University. It’s hard to leave them because we build a good relationship with my seniors, my co-batch-mates. But, just like “Pitch Perfect”, Seniors have last call. But FDT is FDT so this will be not the last. (Paging for Bok Tumabang i just copied his caption love you). And once there is someone who left, Their something better to come.

Looking for my internship, It’s so quite so hard (I know tons of you have been experience it well) But, I’m so grateful because my first try to walk-in in their company, a week or days they called me back to have an interview I’m happy yet nervous because another environment will come, new stuffs will learn, the traffic feels again. But, instead of over-react of it I’ve enjoyed it a lot because i met tons of people as well, to be honest i loved to meet people to interact with them, know them thoroughly, know the story behind them. And i just want to say Hi to them if they’re reading this you all guys made my last internship fun and exciting, and also to my department as well thank you so much i owe you a lot for sharing your knowledge for us.

And if you guys know, this year also is my officially launched my blog or my online diary and being active ( And I’m so happy to share this, because ever since way back 2015–2016 I want to have my own blog or vlog (btw i have a vlog, if you guys interested) Before I used a different site’s such as tumblr, blogspot, wordpress and it ended up by using wordpress. What like about this site is very easy, convenient and also some of my published post here is I’ve been draft in my phone only. But then before out of nowhere, unlucky I haven’t any idea on how to start of it, what the tools might need, how to have a great content or post. I’m definitely seek for a help. In fact, i asked tons of my known in Instagram, some strangers, some of them are really fame or popular when it comes in blogging world, As me a beginner I’m begging for them to give some advice or some tips that they’ll can share or to help me. Let’s say some them are replied me back, but some of them aren’t. But anyways, i just want also to mention these two pretty ladies who help me through this journey (Claire Baldueza Kim Dela Fuente) — you guys must have to check their blog cause they have a nice post, reviews, ootds, personal post as well.

And also this year, some of my Instagram friend informed me if I’m interested to join to their groups or also known as pods, I replied back and i said “omg, sure dear” (hello bb, if you’re reading this post, Nicole Sarmiento) after then I started to joined with some pods in Instagram, and the Community with the #Bloggerbandfam and #bloggoph. I’m so happy because we all different people, wants, attitudes but we have the same passion. In fact, I haven’t met them all but i know we will be vibes together hehe. And also i got a chance to collaborate with the brands as well, In real i was so shocked since @solaicedtea they’re started to direct message me thru Instagram to have an opportunity to partneship with them. I accepted it because sola is one of my fave drink of all the times 🙂

You know BloggersUnited? yearly they have this kind of event which is all our favourite blogger,vloggers,celebrities they’re going to sell them pre-loved stuffs and also one of highlight of this event is to get a chance to meet their viewers,readers. And I was there 😊🙋 Finally, I’ll met my faves. I was so amazed in fact I didn’t vlog because i want to enjoy the fact that i have to say hi to them get some pictures and chi-chat a bit. And specially i would like to thanks to the TeamAveLovinfanpage, With these squad I’m not being alone and shamed to them. I literally enjoyed that moment.

Also this year, If y’all see my post in Instagram. I posted it on the same day of our #BESTDAYEVER — Our Graduation Day :)) Yes, I’m a octoberian. It held on PICC, during that I’m so happy because after all the stress, sacrifices, thesis, projects, etc. Is now Officially Payed off. Now, looking forward for the #Adulteration it’s a bit nervous and as a same time fun, excitement during that momentum I was dreaming now what will happened for my future. It’s another battle for us because we’re now chasing our dreams individually, We faced another year and challenges to us fresh graduates.

Thank you 2017, for letting me experience those things . Hopefully more blessings this 2018. Love you 💖😇

Before 2017 ends, I want to say thank you and I love for the people who made my year awesome.

Thank you guys for spending you time to read my post, See you in 2018!! 🙂


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