TO FEEL NEW AND FRESH with @Favoriscents ðŸƒ

A year from now, everything you are stressing about won’t even matter.

Our room smells new & fresh ✨ Finally, @favoriscents helps me to feel relax, calm and helps me to sleep better and remove a little bit of my stress.

While removing my make up and doing my skincare everynight just to feel comfy and relax i’ve always spray it all over in our house.

What i love this product, It’s so handy and Lightweight perfect for my pouch and easy to bring when i have a sleepover with my friends. Suit also for gift to your relatives.

The @favoriscents is Handcrafted with Passion, Scents for the soul and Aromas for living well. In every bottle of Favori Aroma Oils comes a scent lover’s obsession of perfecting a craft.

“FAVORI STANDS FOR — sublime formulations that capture every individual’s unique scent preference ✨”

You can also visit their branches at Glorietta 3, Robinsons Place Manila, Sm Megamall, Sm City Marikina, Sm SouthMall, & MarketMarket.

And also what’s good about this is has a FREE SHIPPING on all over orders over PHP 500.00 👌

For more information; Feel free to dm them at their website (WWW.FAVORI.PH) or social media accounts.

Thanks a lot @favoriscents for sending this products. ✨ Sorry for the late post about this. More power, Lovelots!




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