Hello guys, I’d like to congratulations the batch of 2018. Y’all deserve to wear the best ootd ever ✨ Btw, I made a tutorial for you guys. To achieve a fresh and easy look for your biggest day. Hope you like! 😘 And subscribe to my channel hihi.


Let’s start taking care of our Health with #RealGreenPh 🌿

Since, i’m starting to face the #AdultingLife i think it’s also a perfect time for me to become serious by taking care of my skin, my hair, my self and mostly my Health.

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Choose to be YOU, Choose to be HAPPY.

Be who you want to be, not what other people want to see, This is your life after all.

Choose to be you, Choose to be who you are, Fight for what you want, And Always captures in our mind that WE MUST CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY, Always Positive vibes, Always Smile, because it can heal our mind, soul, and forget all the problems in our lifes.

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How: I edit my Instagram Post

Yes, It’s Officially a Ber-Months!! And i hear the famous Christmas songs nowadays in the streets, radio and also in television. Everyone’s are so excited!! We can now start counting dears. More christmas discounts, christmas bonus, more gift, and also the most awaited part is the 13th month pay! Yay!! Reputed! Do you guys also did a “Caroling in different houses”? Me, wayback in my childhood days we did it with my sister and my cousins as well. And it’s so FUN doing it. Hope i can do it again. Lol

But, before that i have a gift for you guys. And it’s just a simple but it came from the bottom of my heart (hihi) I just want to share with you guys my secret on How: I Edit my Instagram Post ✨ And i hope it can help to you guys to achieve a little bit of your “#Feedgoals”.

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