THANK YOU, 2017!

Before 2017 ends, I just want to share the story of all the good memories that I’ve been experience with this year. Even though theirs a bad experiences, tears moment, etc. But I just to share to y’all to my readers (if i have lol) my life with this year is full of surprises.

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Choose to be YOU, Choose to be HAPPY.

Be who you want to be, not what other people want to see, This is your life after all.

Choose to be you, Choose to be who you are, Fight for what you want, And Always captures in our mind that WE MUST CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY, Always Positive vibes, Always Smile, because it can heal our mind, soul, and forget all the problems in our lifes.

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How: I edit my Instagram Post

Yes, It’s Officially a Ber-Months!! And i hear the famous Christmas songs nowadays in the streets, radio and also in television. Everyone’s are so excited!! We can now start counting dears. More christmas discounts, christmas bonus, more gift, and also the most awaited part is the 13th month pay! Yay!! Reputed! Do you guys also did a “Caroling in different houses”? Me, wayback in my childhood days we did it with my sister and my cousins as well. And it’s so FUN doing it. Hope i can do it again. Lol

But, before that i have a gift for you guys. And it’s just a simple but it came from the bottom of my heart (hihi) I just want to share with you guys my secret on How: I Edit my Instagram Post ✨ And i hope it can help to you guys to achieve a little bit of your “#Feedgoals”.

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Review: Liria Organics

“Keep Calm and Buy Organic Products” 🍃

Hey guys? How are you today? The BER-Months is starting, Anyone who’s excited for december? Because why? Hello ninang and ninong again hihi lol. 2017 is so quick, but full of excitement like a bomb. So, yes!

This post is about a Review for LIRIAORGANICS🍃 is a young and fresh brand that offers organic. Btw, I would like to thanks to Ms. Lira (the owner) for sending these lovely goodies, and for trusting me to try these and to share with you guys that what i loved of this products. (Scroll down, to see all the products. Enjoy!)

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That Cake Dough

What’s up? It’s been a long day since my last post up. But, yazz I’m back but not my typically post about my #OOTD. I just want to share with you guys and gals my experience at THATCAKEDOUGHCAFE! This post is suit’s for those people who wants a budget friendly foods or for the sake of #FEEDGOALS (like me hahahaha lol) so, for more info’s JUST SCROLL AND ENJOY (hugs and kisses!)

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